Saturday, November 28, 2009



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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Green Tea Blocks Influenza Reproduction

As early as 1949, research was indicating that extracts of black tea could inhibit the multiplication of influenza virus.1 Since then, there have been other antiviral reports that have zeroed in on tea polyphenols, including a Chinese paper published in 1992 finding that green tea inhibits the activities of a wide variety of viruses.2 But over the last 50 years, theories about the mechanisms involved have been scant or insubstantial, and have retarded progress in the branch of virology that specializes in influenza.

Fortunately, the strain of influenza A virus subtype H1N1 responsible for the deaths of up to 50 million people during the Spanish flu pandemic in 1918 was reconstructed in 2005. To achieve this breakthrough, sequence data were pieced together from preserved tissue samples of flu victims, following which viable virus was then synthesized. The 2009 flu H1N1 pandemic involves another strain of influenza A H1N1, commonly known as “swine flu.”

And now, new evidence is starting to lend more plausibility to tea/virus/influenza findings, showing that certain compounds found in tea, and especially in green tea, are able to inhibit an enzyme that is crucial for influenza replication, survival, and spread.

Can you guess what these compounds are? They are catechins . . . polyphenolic antioxidant plant metabolites. Of these, the one with greatest significance is epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a catechin long associated with a wide variety of health benefits.

For example, “Human epidemiological and new animal data suggest that tea drinking may decrease the incidence of dementia [Alzheimer’s disease], and Parkinson’s disease. … [due to] the multimodal activities of green tea polyphenols with emphasis on their iron chelating, neurorescue/neuroregenerative and mitochondrial stabilization action.”

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mamaw's Hot Cocoa Gift Set

This set comes with Mamaw's homemade hot cocoa mix (with real marshmallows)
and a hot cocoa mug. They are priced at $6.00 each.

Each mug will be different but most will be with a holiday theme unless you want to customize with a certain color.

To order these gift sets please email me here on site or at

Shipping is as follows as this is what it costs me to ship priority through the USPS.

One mug set - $7.95
2-4 sets - $10.35 flat rate
5-10 sets - $13.85 flat rate.

Kids Love Tea Too

We now offer Teaporia Kids

In these last few months, so many mothers have been ordering teas for their children in place of soft drinks. We have received so many comments from moms that wantes to see a "Children's Line of Teas." While we do have them, we are now putting them in their own category so parents and others can find them along with other accessories to host the perfect tea party for their child.
Teaporia Kids Teas are much more beneficial to their health as well!

Do your little ones enjoy Lemonade and Tea Stands?

If so, try some of these teas which are the favorites with children! Much more beneficial to their health as well!

Look over the Teaporia Kids Teas and see what we offer

Teaporia Mission

Teaporia takes pride in our products and customer service. We strive to bring you products that we know you will enjoy. If you have any requests for certain teas, recipes, accessories or anything else, please let us know and we will do our best to try and accommodate you. There are SO MANY different kinds of teas and different flavors that we obviously we cannot carry them all, but we do have over 102 right now and will always be happy to supply you with a sample to taste test. Just drop us an email with your name/address and flavor request!

Winter is here and having a great cup of warm tea is sure to take the chill out of many of us. Why not try one of our many flavors, or just order the sample bags for a single cup of tea to try before you buy? Having an assortment of flavors is a great way to offer your guests a selection for cold afternoons or evenings after dinner.

Many of our teas are also great as pitchers of iced tea. Why not try our popular flavors like Key Lime, Wild Strawberry, Peach Ginger or Long Island Strawberry? Children too, will love making the Bubble Gum, Lady Hannah and Very Berry. Loose tea is so much better for them than the premixed teas that you buy in the stores. By making fresh tea YOU can control the sugar intake for your children. Green Tea Lemonade is also very popular at our tea stands. Make some today and let me know what YOU think!