Thursday, April 15, 2010

April is Million Dollar Month

Million Dollar Fudge Mix
Loaded with coconut, raisins, almonds, chocolate chips, pecans, white chocolate chips, and peanut butter chips.

Microwave fudge is delicious without all the extra work, ready in only minutes.
This 20 oz mix makes an 8x8 pan.

Original: $7.99
Sale: $7.19

Million Dollar Cookie Mix
Our easy to make cookie mix is sure to be a hit with family and friends.

Filled with chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, and peanut butter bits.

Original: $7.99
Sale: $7.19

Million Dollar Brownie Mix
A wonderful combination of yummy flavors including white chocolate, milk chocolate and peanut butter.

Want to add pecans? Then your looking for our Chocolate Ecstasy brownie mix.
Makes one 9x13 pan.

Original: $5.99
Sale: $5.39

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Promote and Earn with our Vendor Program!

Promote and Earn with our Vendor Program!

WAHM Marketplace and Online Mall!

Our site is filled with great products, opportunities & loads of fun! The Sweet Dream Boutique consists of a team of small business owners and direct sales professionals who work as a "Buddy System" to provide you with exceptional products and opportunties. We look forward to getting to know you and building life-long friendships!

We offer Advertising WITH A TWIST!

Our new program offers 3 different ways for you to advertise and EARN MONEY!

This article showcases our Vendor Program!

Vendor Program Includes:

Large Banner 468 x 60 placed on the Home Page - Links to your Ad Page

Ad Page for you to post an "About Me", Ads, etc. This page is for you to include any information you wish to promote

Your products listed in our Online Store

3 Categories PLUS your State listings in the Link Exchange

Unlimited access to our Party Room

10% Commission Paid to YOU for purchases made through another Vendor on THIS site through your individual link

Affiliate Back Office (Track your sales, referrals, etc.)

Sweet Dream Boutique E-Mail to place on your page so your personal info is not disclosed to the public)

Referral Fees for people who SIGN UP under ANY service offered through

For more information about our Vendor Program or the other programs offered, please visit my site.

I look forward to having YOU as my buddy and helping your earn $$ promoting our businesses together.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fruit Butters

Apple Butter $3.00 for a 4.8 oz jar

Ah-h-h the spicy smell of old fashioned apple butter. This is a real delight to the taste buds. We slow cook this to perfection.

Peach Butter $3.00 for a 4.8 oz jar

A great classic fruit spread.

Pear Butter $3.00 for a 4.8 oz jar

A little orange juice and the right spices. Tastes great on biscuits.

Pumpkin Butter $3.00 for a 4.8 oz jar

Pumpkin Pie in a jar. Great on biscuits or graham crackers. Try it too as a topping on vanilla or butter brickle ice cream . . you'll love it.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010





Friday, March 5, 2010

Teaporia Specialty Teas

Teas for the Month of March are:

Japanese Green Sencha,

Riverdance and

Cream Irish Breakfast

We accept Paypal, Checks and Money Orders. Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are also accepted however, due to the high bank fees, there is a $25 minimum purchase in order to use credit cards.




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The Simply Tempted Bath & Body Co. Affiliate Program is perfect for those that are wanting to indulge their senses while earning some extra income on the side.


By Joining Our Affiliate Program You have the Opportunity to EARN EXTRA CASH off the sales generated through...
~Your Simply Tempted Affiliate ID/links via your own website~
~Home Parties~
~Ebay sales~
~Drop Shipping~

Our affiliates will receive...
~a 15% commission on all referred sales
~ a 5 % commission on downlines (before S&H)
~ 15% discount on all personal orders
~ the top earning Affiliate for each month will receive a BONUS commission.
~FREE mini website personalized with your name and location

All referred commission/activity is tracked by a individual code that is built into the link you have displayed on your website. If someone clicks on that link and makes a purchase from us, you receive 15% of that sale!! Your income is only limited by your motivation...the more you refer, the more you earn!


One Time Sign-up fee $5

Minimum order/sale requirement, 1 per Quarter (3 months).


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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tastefully Simple

I am a Tastefully Simple consultant and am here to help you host your next party or event! Whether it's beer bread and spinach dip, merlot sauce for meatballs or almond pound cake, I've got you covered! (pssst...each of these options take less than 5 minutes to "prepare" - baking time for beer bread and pound cake is approx 1hr.)

Tastefully simple offers delicious, gourmet party foods, dips, bread and dessert mixes that take little time and effort to prepare. Use your creativity to incorporate our products into every day meals! See my website for a list of our products and recipes:

Don't have the cash to purchase the products you want? No problem! Host a party and earn host credit toward TS products and other discounts! E-mail me to find out how! I have availability in February and March for the following opportunities:

Host Your Own Tastefully Simple Online Catalog Party -

My calendar is quickly filling up so contact me soon!

Want to earn extra money every month? Host a party and use your earned host credit toward a business start up kit! For only $89 plus tax, you can get a taste of Tastefully Simple with the samples and supplies needed for your first two parties.'s that simple! Whatever your needs may be - products, parties, fundraising opportunities or additional income, e-mail me for more details!

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Health Benefits of Teas

Did you know that it takes only 3 minutes of brewing time for the anti-oxidants in tea to be released into your cup? Those 3 minutes a day may be the most important part of your day.

Drinking tea has also been known to:
Boost Your Immune System
Increase Metabolic Rate
Lower Stress Levels

Not all tea is the same even if they come from the same plant. The difference in is in the way the leaves are processed.

GREEN TEAS: Are dried, but not fermented. Shorter processing gives green tea a lighter flavor than black tea and maintains many of the health producing chemicals.

WHITE TEA: White tea leaves are picked before the buds have fully opened. White tea is known to have the highest level of anti-oxidant's than all the other teas.

BLACK TEA: A favorite of many people. Black is is fully oxidized, contains the most caffeine and does not have as many antioxidants as the other types of teas.

OOLONG TEAS: Because this tea is only partially fermented is between between green tea and black tea in strength, stonger than green, but has a softer and lighter flavor than black tea.

HERBAL TEAS: These are really herbs and or tisanes not tea.

Tea contains flavonoids, naturally occurring compounds that are believed to have antioxidant properties. Antioxidants work to neutralize free radicals, which scientists believe, over time, damage elements in the body, such as genetic material and lipids, and contribute to chronic disease.

American Reduction Systems LLC now offers Cold Turkey Tea!

Cold Turkey Tea is a revolutionary product developed by American Reduction Systems LLC. Our formula is the only true all natural, organic smoking cessation product on the market today. Premium Cold Turkey Tea contains no binders, fillers or additives; it's non-irradiated and non-fumigated. Cold Turkey Tea is a wild-harvested product grown naturally in the Amazon without any pesticides or fertilizers.

Our perfect blend of Cold Turkey tea contains alkaloids which specifically bind to the nicotine receptors, thus reducing, and in some cases eliminating, nicotine withdrawal symptoms. This, combined with your dedication to quit, will set you on the path to a healthy, nicotine-free future.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

February is for Chocolate Lovers

Chocolate Ecstasy Brownie Mix  Price: $5.99

This brownie mix is loaded with chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, peanut butter chips and pecans. You may want to keep this one all to yourself!

Makes one 9 x 13 pan.

White Chocolate Raspberry Cheeseball Mix $3.99

All our mixes are easy to prepare. Just add cream cheese. All mixes make an 8oz. ball. Cheeseball mixes have ribbons tied on each package.

Fabulous Double Chocolate Brownie Mix $5.99

Double chocolate brownie mix including sprinkles for topping. A chocolate lovers favorite!
Makes one 9x13 pan.
**We can not guarantee against chocolate melting during shipping**

To see all our specials for

Friday, January 22, 2010

Love Hot Sauce?

Our Hot Sauce are the best!

From fiery to mild we offer award winning hot sauce. Unique flavor combinations, your sure to find more than one favorite.

Liquid Lava Hot Sauce
Our Price: $7.99

Fire Roasted Fusion Hot Sauce
Our Price: $7.99

Maniacal Mustard Hot Sauce
Our Price: $7.99

Peachy Perversion Hot Sauce
Our Price: $7.99

Cayenne Concoction
Our Price: $7.99

Groovy Garlic Hot Sauce
Our Price: $7.99

Habitual Jalapeno
Our Price: $7.99

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Look Like a Genius in The Kitchen

New Mixes

Look at these wonderful new mixes!

Scones - Pumpkin Spice, Butter Brickle, Indian Chai, and


Cookie Mixes - Brown Sugar, Lemon Ginger, Vanilla Chai,

and Lemon Short Bread.

Our NEW Seasoning Mix Blends that make you look like a genius in the
kitchen. These contain no MSG's and are made from the freshest
ingredients. Spice Blends include wonderful flavors including a Greek
Blend, Pizza Blend, and Pickling Spice. These are all found in the
Spice Blend

SAVE 20% - with coupon code LOVE*

*On minimum orders of $10, expired Feb 14*

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Join Our Network Today


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