Saturday, November 7, 2009

Kids In The Kitchen

Make delicious treats with your little ones. Adorable gifts!

I Can Make My Own Lemonade Stand - $14.95
A summer tradition made easy! Kit includes our best selling all natural lemonade mix, a shovel for mixing, a jumbo crayon and paper to make a sign, and a big bucket with pouring spot to serve up this refreshing drink. Your kids will have the best Lemonade Stand on the block.

I Can Make Mud Puddle Pie w/ Gummi Frogs - $12.50
A delicious mix of chocolate brownie cake on top and hot fudgy pudding goo on the bottom. Serve in pie plate with gummi frogs. This is packed in a red tin bucket and tied with a shovel for mixing. Brightly colored hopping frog graphics.

Delicious Alligator Swamp Cake - $11.50
Chocolate pudding, graham cracker crumbs, and much are to make a delicious swamp pudding cake in the bucket; garnish with gummi alligators and serve this no bake dessert right out of the bucket with the attached shovel.

I Can Make Cinnamon Sand Cookies - $11.50
An all-natural cinnamon sugar mix and smiley starfish cookie cutter packed in a real beach bucket with shovel. Package is wrapped in cellophane for easy gift giving and shipping.

I Can Make Ladybug Cookies - $12.95
Delicious crunchy cookie mix, frosting mix, tubes of red and black goo for decorating and pipe cleaners for making the legs and antenna. This cookie kit is irresistible!

Sand Cake With Hard Candy - $11.50
Vanilla pudding, graham cracker crumbs, and much more all packed in a bright beach bucket; garnish with enclosed candy seashells and serve this no-bake dessert right out of the bucket with the attached shovel.

I Can Make Dirt Pie - $12.95
Make a delicious Dirt Pie with chocolate pudding, chocolate cookie crumbs, and more! Garnish with gummi worms and serve in a flowerpot with a shovel. This cello-wrapped plastic flowerpot includes a shovel and colorful pinwheel. A perfect idea for a child's birthday party or a themed display.

All Natural Cookie Mix - $8.99
Some of our best selling products! These easy to make, all natural cookie mixes are tied with colored ribbons and custom cookie cutters and make bright, colorful, and fun gifts for every occasion. All packed in our fold-over gift boxes.

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